18.05.2020 | Sabine Mauersics

Disrupt without Disruption (How you achieve full control on your unstructured data with your existing storage environment)

The administrative efforts to manage different storage sources, especially for unstructured data, are tremendous. Often this diversity is caused by the natural growth of the storage infrastructure. To lower the administrative efforts, one obvious approach is to ‘centralize‘ all data in a single system, but this is rarely practicable. A more practicable approach is to leverage a software layer to pool all resources, handle them centrally whereby underneath diverse (and existing) storages could be used. Join our session to see how Software-Defined Storage (SDS) exactly supports you in doing more with less and what else you can expect from DataCore SDS.

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28. Mai 2020 um 19:00 Uhr
1 Stunde