15.06.2020 | Gerhard Fellmann

Manufacturing Academy - Nebel & Kante + AI

The digital transformation of the manufacturing industry is here, creating more and more possibilities for manufacturers to innovate using agile processes and technologies to be more efficient and profitable. Still, the adoption of Data Solutions and IoT technologies often poses crucial concerns to manufacturers; where to start, how to estimate ROI, what business outcomes can be achieved? Not to speak of already failed attempts, and now being stuck in the PoC purgatory.

Our EMEA team of solutions architects and industry specialists have put together a program of 8 masterclasses, to walk you through the main manufacturing use cases where data solutions and edge technologies can make a difference.

Session 5
Split second decision, but also early selection and quality determination are key to a successful, efficient and economic data strategy. Fog and Edge Devices and the adjacent use cases are strategic assets to run a successful Smart Factory. Join TDs Naqqash Abbassi who will explain the use and benefit of Edge computing, and the required techniques and technologies to turn data into information at the example of a live computer vision demo.


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