15.06.2020 | Gerhard Fellmann

Manufacturing Academy - Sicherheit

The digital transformation of the manufacturing industry is here, creating more and more possibilities for manufacturers to innovate using agile processes and technologies to be more efficient and profitable. Still, the adoption of Data Solutions and IoT technologies often poses crucial concerns to manufacturers; where to start, how to estimate ROI, what business outcomes can be achieved? Not to speak of already failed attempts, and now being stuck in the PoC purgatory.

Our EMEA team of solutions architects and industry specialists have put together a program of 8 masterclasses, to walk you through the main manufacturing use cases where data solutions and edge technologies can make a difference.

Session 3
Where there is data, there is the risk of breach and fraud. Protecting assets is of paramount to remain competitive. Join Patrick Olschewski in this session on how to handle the Importance of security in the interaction of Men and Machine – Tech Datas 360° view on Security Practice and how to become a trusted advisor that helps customers to navigate the jungle of products, regulations and threads.


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