07.09.2020 | Sven Kreuzer

Quest Channel Webcast: High Availability and Disaster Recovery on Oracle Database 19c Standard Edition 2

Oracle Database Standard Edition has supported the use of Real Application Clusters (RAC) for many years, but since 2015, Oracle has made this increasingly challenging for customers.

On 1 January this year, Oracle stated that RAC is no longer supported from Database 19c Standard Edition 2 in a move clearly designed to encourage customers to upgrade to the more expensive Enterprise Edition or migrate to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

More recently, Oracle announced the introduction of Standard Edition High Availability (SEHA), which is intended to offer Standard Edition customers an alternative to RAC.

The session will review why using Standard Edition remains important for many customers and explore some of the limitations of SEHA and why customers should seriously consider SharePlex® if they truly need a HA/DR solution without going to Enterprise Edition.

We’ll focus on the following key points and customer needs:

  • Failover vs HA/DR
  • Scaling Standard Edition
  • Heterogeneous systems
  • Rolling upgrades


John Pocknell, Quest Sr. Market Strategist

24. September 2020 um 11:00 Uhr
60 Minuten